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Cavalier King Charles Spaniels 

Early European and monarchs were delighted with this breed -- a unique and adaptable dog; practical size; glamorous but sensible appearance, good health, charm and CHARISMA all qualities of the happy KING CHARLES CAVALIER SPANIEL.   

NEW TRICOLOR BABIES BORN TO Freckles and Romeo on 7/1 and ready after 8/ 26   

ALL GIRLS!!!   Registered with America's Pet Registry purebred.

#1 Girl - $1000 SOLD      #2 Girl - $1500            #3  Girl - $1000    

  #4 Girl - $2000       #5 Girl $2000 SOLD    #6 Girl   $2000

#5 is CHARLIE --- SOLD  $2000 

Lady's babies born 4/5 ready 5/30

All Blenheim

$1000 - $2500  all have SOLD